The Self Immolation Switch

It is said that through autonomy comes peace, or so I hear…

Maybe there isn’t and that is the entire point of it all?

What is an ideological stand worth to you?
To what limits would your principles matter?
Are there any?

Fuck No.

They are the catalysts. They are the things that motivate. The bullshit twitches that set off the devil inside chomping to reign fire upon those who dare to let it out. And there is always room for the deranged. The unhinged. The walking example of ideological principles taken to violent or self destructive ends.

There is purpose to push into the depths of defiance. The violence for one. It’s a creature that feeds on the open wound of societal filth, the psyche. Giving it the keys is like when the killer in the movie snaps – Maniacally laughing as they slash some bitch to shreds.

I have heard abyssal activity makes the antithesis more valuable. But dont mind that, that’s just the coward ass right hand talking. Possibly also telling you “serenity” is absolving into a higher form rather than the creature within the self.

Serenity is capitalizing on the opportunity to take it in the opposite direction.

This is the essence of the arbitrary flaming sword. The methods of defiance range from public self mutilation, self incineration, and a plethora of antagonistic/defiant behavior when someone is ideologically set off, or otherwise triggered by an aspect within society.

It is always imposition upon will. It is being told what to value. It is being told what authority to follow. It is being told where to look and what pareidolia to recognize. It’s what product to buy, and what to think about dairy products. What societal invalid to coddle. What leach to show compassion and what words to take profane. What cause to care about. And which one to demonize.

It is the depth you’ll go to keep your autonomy from the memetic dos and don’ts of a progressive civilization.

The only path to autonomy is through defiant anarchism.
And there’s no other option, at least through my eyes.


In Defence of Captain Ahab

Too prone to compulsion. Reaction. Pride.

The noise is anything outside natural tendencies, and lets take a moment now to kill the bitch little notion that oneself needs to be overcame. The consequence of which has a contingent reward.

In Moby Dick the protagonist was overtaken by his obsession to kill it that fucking whale That is the internalized devil in this example. The tendency I see, and will never understand, is that refinement is overcoming the drive to Kill his nemesis. While they can certainly hang their cap on their awesome self control, they never killed the whale. They ignored it. They overrode natural tendency to never give up and sold their integrity down the river in the name picking ones battles.

Ahab was a devil’s reject. He could not overcome that internal drive.

I can relate to him, though. The taste of letting something like that slide (being punk bitch to a whale) was something he could not overcome. Knowing it beat him was a bitter defeat far more excruciating than being raped by the devil of obsession.  This is natural to me. Be driven by the snake lodged in your brain. If it says “Happiness come with killing the whale”, expect stagnation… and nothing else until you accomplish your mission…

The trade off for such strict criteria is the increased liklihood of following a path similar to drug addicts.  Addiction and Obsession are interchangeable and erosion is inevitable. The more improbable the task the more protracted your stagnation will be.

It then starts to loop. Your experience hits a wall and gets set on repeat. You will become the royalty of Groundhog Day, because adding an extra metaphor never hurts. Destined to loop inevitably or find deliverance elsewhere.

The whale still wins. It is never February 3rd..  But who the fuck wants february 3rd anyway?  This is to defend the tendency towards spiteful self sacrifice.. The Ahabs of the planet that care more about beating others than the overcoming defects within themselves.  There is something in that to identify with. There is integriry there.

The fine line here is between obsession and megalomania. How much does getting your way matter and how little does support matter? You will lose it.  Expect “Fuck You” in response.

There is very little personal benefit.

Whatever happened to ‘never give up’ anyway… I’m sure it must also apply to stubborn jackassery.

One last stolen line: If you’re a little league pitcher; don’t try to strike out Manny Ramirez… or a trangender government bitch for that matter.

Can I Be On Page 6 Too?


Due to being deemed unfit to post (For reasons I have no idea why)  this blog will now be active again.

Not that I really care if anyone reads it, I just want the ability to talk about my fucking self, post my opinion, and fuck all who thinks what about it.

Saying I was too sinister is an insult to the sinister, because they have like empathy or whatever. I was just a callous and mean spirited asshole that made it clear my favorite part of posting was to bully fucking idiots like a middle class kid at an upper class high school.

So it goes.

I did have a purpose, though… Which may be fulfilled in the comment section or never at all.

To clarify, I am a firm believer in true eye for an eye.  The bullshit I have had to deal with over a protracted 6 year period was agitating and indirect.

This has been fishing and catching boot after boot.

What happened at SIN is irrelevant to my narcissistic reasons. It is unfortunate I previously burned that bridge, and do not blame the decision.  But my chosen response was to still call them (whoever banned me) conflict adverse pussies.

My time there is done, ultimately unimportant.

Don’t quit, make them fire you.

What happened is useful.

As my reason is to dig deeper into shit. I’m fighting windmills in the shape of mind game playing bitches. Of course, they hide behind the scenes balancing their sinister deeds by caring for cancer kids.  Needless to say, when you dont care about how you look it enables you to say pretty much any god damn thing you please.

For example: I can make a bald accusation that someone is this nutbar midget devil fighting jeebus bitch and the natural response is a dismissive, “Oh he’s insane.”  That totally works.

And because ‘likes’ are ultimately unimportant I will now present to you the new asshurt theme of this blog.

“So You’re Being Excluded”

With of course a sizeable helping of the old:

Funny, a more honest person might see that as connected to their unrelenting douchebag behavior. Sad, had they just looked harder they could’ve found motivation in indirect retribution.

I see it as forced confirmation of my belief everyone is NOW finally being honest with their opinion.  It eliminates all cognitive dissonance and people seem more authentic, even if I created that opinion.

Eh, maybe they’re just getting rid of me before I do something like this:

/\ This is totally plausible. Gotta find some Jews.