The New Original Sin

I am apparently “extremely” bipolar, who knew?

Mood: mood swings✔✔✔, sadness✔, elevated mood✔, anger✔✔, anxiety✔, apathy✔✔, apprehension✔, euphoria✅, general discontent✔, guilt✅, hopelessness✔1, loss of interest✔, or loss of interest or pleasure in activities✔2

Behavioral: irritability✔, disorganized behavior❌, aggression✔, agitation✔, crying✔, excess desire for sex✔✔, hyperactivity✔, impulsivity✔✔, restlessness✔✔, or self-harm✔✔3

Cognitive: unwanted thoughts✔4, delusion✔, lack of concentration✔, racing thoughts✔✔✔, or slowness in activity✅

Psychological: depression✅, manic episode✔✔, agitated depression✔✔, or paranoia✔✔

Sleep: difficulty falling asleep ✔✔✔or excess sleepiness❌

Weight: weight gain✔ or weight loss.

Also common: risky behavior✔✔, false belief of superiority✔✔✔5, fatigue✔, or rapid and frenzied speaking✔

✅ – Infequently

✔✔✔ – Very frequently

1) That’s more a denial of the function of hope as a viable option.
2) Things go in phases though.
3) Sometimes the only thing to do is beating the shit of yourself for being such a pussy.
4) I have them, but refuse to let them bother me. Seems like that is a repression oriented thing too.
5) Without the false sense of superiority, I wouldn’t be the most important person in the universe.

My Center

By the fires of hell, by the wavelength of the seemingly detrimental, by the associated archetypes which lend to madness and pain, I summon forth the adversity of this rotten world.

May the negativity consume.
May my life be no fun.
May I always be angry.
May I never have “love”.
May I always struggle within.
May I never find a happier way.
May this misery destroy me.
May my end be tragic.
May my life be a waste.
May the adversity push me to the breaking point, and then push me some more.
May it only end in suicide.
May the only light that matters be as black as my heart.
May it always remain closed to any new outlook.
May the abyss speak through me.
May the diabolical reign.
May two never become one.

and most cathartic of all:

May some bitch realize her bullshit offer was less desirable then my now redefined life of pseudo schizophrenic voices.

In the name of the thoughtforms of evil and archetypes of self destruction may oblivion and solitude be the only comfort necessary.

Does this self fulfilling proohecy work better if it’s in print, some fruity candles, or am I going to have to do it?

I must say this balanced/find the middle ground buddhist bullshit “for a better future” is about as comforting as a coerced confession, and has been reduced to another avenue of “houseniggerism”.

Hail Self Respect.

Random Thoughts

Statement: Duality exists.

Personal belief: No, it’s an artificial and selfish framework.  “Negative” and “positive” events have a context of reference, and the reference is to you. The propensity of anything living with introspective abilities is to categorize events based on “how it effects them”, retroactively.

Because all events fall on this referential spectrum to an individual, a median (or middleground) is an aberration of range.

And if you bring down upon yourself more “negative” events; then your median is toward the negative end of this self based curve.

One could further extrapolate “right” and “wrong” as a being a designation of direct impact in reference to the effect your actions had.

For example: Federal agencies have a superstition along these lines.

In their “work” the is goal is to balance out their impact. In situations where someone is “moved ahead” another must be “taken down”, this to preserve their admittedly superstitious balance.

Statement: “Belief is all you need.”

Personal Opinion: No, but you’re welcome to that mindfuck.  A more authentic wording of that is, “confirmation bias as a tool”.

Once again, it is a retroactive assumption and categorization of events in reference to impact.


Actually that car accident was because the person was texting, not wearing their seatbelt, and only through specious logic can you attribute this to antrying you did.
It’s the equivalent of predicting coin flips. You flip it 15 times and get heads 11 times.  Then you make the statement I predict a run of “tails”, and when it’s right take credit in your head for a naturally occurring equilibrium.

No one is exempt from bullshit. Coincidental timing is the great ally of bias.

Alien Shot Down Piloting Illuminati Chemtrail Plane.

AP (Afghanistan) In a bizarre yet stunning turn of events a villager with a left over soviet surface to air missile launcher has claimed victory over ET.

Early Saturday morning Travis M******son of Jackson, MS reported he witnessed an Afghanistan villager shoot down what was believed to be a plane dispersing an unknown aerosol over the village.

This area is considered “sensitive” as outlying the village are several poppy fields, like the one Travis was being paid by a private army to defend. The yet to be identified “Terrorist” was likely responding to something he heard.

It’s see it [aeresol planes] all the time. I sometimes see many of those planes on the same day.

A civilian shooting down a plane is one thing, what they found was another.

This was no ordinary pilot with no earth bound biology. It was out of this world. It had a truncated snout resembling that of a pig. Eyes in a place akin to most canine species, a thick brown coat, with a mane one the top of its head.

Also found amid the wreckage were storage containers that are speculated to contain one animal apiece.

A scientist participating in the assessment had this to say,

As of now we think inside each box is one animal. So far we have been unable to discern their purpose. We are cautious to proceed as the atmosphere inside the boxes is unknown. It may contain something dangerous. The state of the animals likewise. What’s inside can’t be known until we can safely open the container.

Even more surprising has been the plane itself. It was adorned with unknown writing, an esoteric symbol of an encircled triangle, and equipped with a sophisticated chemical dispersal rig attached to the lower wing’s trailing edge. It seems right out of a dystopian alternate reality.

It is currently unclear to whom the vehicle belongs.

Something observed has been the relatively lax response from black vehicle government clean up crews and disinformation agents one assumes would be crawling all over the scene.

A possible explanation is that this incident occurred over (and crashed near) a poppy plantation owned by a Northern California pharmaceutical company, and they want to avert fueling conspiracy theorists.

Tidbits: Our sources have informed us the alien is alive, in good spirits cooperating (even joking) with authorities, and inquiring as to the whereabouts of his cargo. All other questions have been deferred to the company which sub-leases the plane from a third party.

More on this as it develops.

No, That Was The Campfire, You Were Drunk.

I’m out of ideas. Now I just get stoned and write satire, and not very good satire. There is no substance left here.


The Ten Commandments (with commentary).

Do not have any other god before God.

And that means all your gods. No there isn’t this one guy, and this other guy that controls the sea, there is only one. We had the same problem the Akkadians. FFS, this book says we’re chosen and we get this land. I don’t care if you don’t think we’re really slaves from egypt. Well you can’t disprove it either.

Do not make yourself an idol.

But do make it a point to fluff your ego and show how moral and godly you are for being gracious enough to convert as many people as possible.

Sub Saharan “Michael”: “Yes, thanks for this book, but my family is still starving. Oh! I get it! If I hold this book you will continue to give us food. Tell the medicine man he’s no longer needed. Rejoice, They’ve bestowed upon us the gift of codependence!”

Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.

Unless you convince yourself the spirit of the lord moves through you, then it’s justifiable to    pander and commercialize it, so long as you puke up as much sanctimonious contagion into the populace as possible. That way, it keeps it interesting when the most hypocritical of you get caught with a hard drive full of child porn.

Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.

Saturday? (Sabado) I’m pretty sure that’s Saturday. Right? From Saturn, the top of the Roman pantheon.  The one most replaced. Saturnalia moves ahead 8 days. Corrupted into Sabado in romance languages. Sunday Is for Solaris, which is a different “sun” entirely.

Honour thy Mother and Father.

And that means you WILL pass strait camp and NEVER be caught doing THAT again, or you’re going to live with your aunts with all the dogs that we don’t talk to.

Do not murder.

Unless it’s your job, but then it’s usually whitewashed as “duty”… and that offsets the solid moral absolutes, which are still defined…

Do not commit adultery.

Unless defined by the parameters of your relationship as “sharing”, “loaning”, or “bitch you did it to me first”.

Do not steal.

seems legit.  Oh yes, “unless they’re crying to be released of it.”

Do not bear false witness

Unless you believe it to be true, or make some other judgement call, or it’s censorship, truth omission, or if they’re not ready to know, don’t need to know, or if you’re a parent, or if you were paid to, or if you…

Do not covet.

No. Because if I don’t there’s a chance she’ll realize what a douchebag  I am. Especially because she can’t make decisions of her own and will start listening to her mother again.

Self Overcoming: She Sells Sanctuary

And other thoughts on the LHP core.

There are two main approaches when confronted with strife.  Looking up vs. looking within.

A. Strife -> B. Coping -> C. Inner peace.

The difference is the method.

Path R: Coping with (turning to) an abstract source of strength to be tapped into to remove oneself from strife (a) and towards inner peace (c).

Path L: Coping by confronting strife through direct engagement via conflict and eradication of the abstract source with personal accountability and self sufficiency. (c).

Which brings me to this:

A comment I see represented a lot, even among professed LHP “practitioners” reads contextually as:

I will overcome the limitations of my mind per this arbitrary categorization of behavior as destructive. In this I will rewrite the core programming which drives me towards ‘problem’ behavior and find ‘peace’ through an understanding of why I behave as I do.

Quite simply overcoming oneself in this regard is submission and acknowledgement of their approach as an absolute.

If there is a misnomer with the impetus of core transgression it is in application. Does transgression of “self” qualify on its own? If you simply overcome yourself what are you overcoming it in relation to?

Maybe it IS going against for the principle alone. Maybe “never submitting” on principle is ALL it’s about.

An example might be a detained mob hit man. The crime is several counts of murder.

Murder is of course a crime per “nomos”, but justifiable if part of a strategic move. There are several examples of this.

I do not separate the Military’s use of “special forces” to neutralize threats as any different then a mob hit man getting ordered to neutralize threats. The moral grey area appears  to be who and what sanctions the actions.

The strife (a) becomes: Being pushed and questioned to answer in a way that violates a strongly held belief.

“B” is a window into wiring. Especially when absolution is dictated.

The prosecutor might say: “The hell you will go through if you don’t cooperate is something you don’t wan’t. You’re only making it harder on yourself. *But* we’ll offer you protection if you cooperate and tell us who gave the order.”

At this point “sanctuary” becomes an ending to your suffering and any compassion/protection a device of control with appeal to obligation. Your inner peace (c) is achieved through compliance.

To trust in an absolution under penalty has put an unadmirable word on your forehead: rat, traitor, or pussy to name a few.

You were sold sanctuary at the price of integrity.

Which brings me to the point.

This is a stand or fall bellwether of approach.

In the above example “overcoming ones core approach”, though dressed up as a number of societal obligations is a treason against the self. They may entice your submission with promises, but in effect they have told you that your ethical code and alliances don’t suit their needs and need to be realigned with their definition of moral grey areas.

It is at this point one decides what matters more, their ideals or their comfort. A contrarian might say this leads to stagnation of “potential” in the individual. This path is a dead end that places more barriers then it removes.

Their criticism may be, You’re doing yourself no good by resisting something that might actually be to your benefit.

And you could listen, but never will you find sanctuary.

Fun With Moral Relativism


The Gadsden Flag is the best representation of natural human behavior. A human behavior defined by autonomy and what happens when infringement upon by another prompts retaliation.

If there is one over-reaching behavior it is governed by the personal interaction we experience. I defer to lex talionis, or “Don’t Tread On Me”. Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you.  The tie in to “direct victimization” goes here.

The obligatory question:

What’s more just, killing the man that killed your family member personally or letting your your peers do it?

The obligatory answer:

Vigilante behavior undermines the rule of law meant to play arbitrator. Societies that adopt a strict legal code get their retribution via the legal system where severe disruption to another occurs. This is the closest a society can get to letting all do it themselves.

* That’s not to say you can’t do it yourself. If you can elude other people you elude punishment.

This is my moral nihilism.

Actions do not carry any cosmic consequence and have no innate significance, but do facilitate as a cooperative tactic to punish “harmful” behavior per that socities code.

All higher mammals form a code of behavior based on viability. Often this code is formed around familial bonding and is applied when immediate disruption occurs.

With self preservation being the highest law the code that drives morality comes from needing to exist in a social setting. Having a standard/code is a way to removes hindrances preemptively a give the species an ability to thrive more easily. This standard/code is nothing more an adaptive ability to exist with competing animals.

Morality is a survival strategy.

A Paradox:

“Cosmic judgement” is impossible if borne of a subjective moral compass. Furthermore,  “evidence” suggests perceived balances are attributed to a “wandering” dichotomy borne of the same subjectivity.

In other words it’s an inevitability that events you experience (given the range of possibility) will fall on either side of a subjective divide. (Right and Wrong) That same subjectivity that places the divide is also the arbitrator of retribution as experienced.  This brings you the adage “what goes around comes around” and erroneous conception of karma.

What is left is the law this creates. This often represents “victimization” of another. The ability to categorize it, likewise falls on either side of a placed divide.

This is often reinforced by a belief that there WILL be retribution. “Guilt” is experienced when one’s own actions contrast with this imposed standard.  People will subconsciously seek  “judgement” for their actions further solidifying an absolute nature vis a vis an artificial morality.

In other words:  the kid that is “only sorry because they got caught” is actually responding naturally to morality,  the subsequent punishment then molds them to take on (or reject) a subjective “right” and “wrong”.  The code taught varies. (Moral Relativism)

This is not without value. As it usually reflects empathetic behavior defined by what you do and its impact on another.

This is what brings life the refined “golden rule”.

“Treat others how you would like to be treated and treat others how they treat you.”


The morality sermon has been delivered.

* Writers note – The Blog has resurrected. Let a new intricate design be made.

This will accurately represent (and not just troll) my belief and present forth an evenly ripped off approach I will amalgamate into my own way.