Random Thoughts

Statement: Duality exists.

Personal belief: No, it’s an artificial and selfish framework.  “Negative” and “positive” events have a context of reference, and the reference is to you. The propensity of anything living with introspective abilities is to categorize events based on “how it effects them”, retroactively.

Because all events fall on this referential spectrum to an individual, a median (or middleground) is an aberration of range.

And if you bring down upon yourself more “negative” events; then your median is toward the negative end of this self based curve.

One could further extrapolate “right” and “wrong” as a being a designation of direct impact in reference to the effect your actions had.

For example: Federal agencies have a superstition along these lines.

In their “work” the is goal is to balance out their impact. In situations where someone is “moved ahead” another must be “taken down”, this to preserve their admittedly superstitious balance.

Statement: “Belief is all you need.”

Personal Opinion: No, but you’re welcome to that mindfuck.  A more authentic wording of that is, “confirmation bias as a tool”.

Once again, it is a retroactive assumption and categorization of events in reference to impact.


Actually that car accident was because the person was texting, not wearing their seatbelt, and only through specious logic can you attribute this to antrying you did.
It’s the equivalent of predicting coin flips. You flip it 15 times and get heads 11 times.  Then you make the statement I predict a run of “tails”, and when it’s right take credit in your head for a naturally occurring equilibrium.

No one is exempt from bullshit. Coincidental timing is the great ally of bias.


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